Dante is an ex-Dreamer on the Union's most wanted list.


Path- Mastigos
Order- Unaligned

Int 4 Str 2 Pre 2
Wit 4 Dex 4 Man 2
Res 4 Sta 2 Com 4

Investigation 4, Occult (Magic) 5, Athletics 2, Firearms(Pistols) 5, Stealth 3, Survival 2, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 2

Merits: Combat Marksmanship 5, Sanctum Security 3, Sanctum Location 2, Ambidextrous 3, Fast Reflexes 2, Language (Latin) 3

Arcana: Mind 1, Space 5, Time 2
Gnosis: 3
Wisdom: 4


“I don’t give a damn. You’re in my way, that puts a target on your head.”

“Fabricati diem” (Make my day)

Dante was a part of the fabled Dreamers cabal, the living members of which make up six of the Union’s top ten most wanted list. He’s a loner. He’s rude and offensive, and his loyalties to the party seem murky, but they never waver. He disregards his vulgar magic with a shrug, and the Wraiths either don’t, or can’t do anything to stop him. He kills without remorse, but not completely without cause. He has a tenancy to mime a cross over his victims with the end of his gun. Down the Length of one forearm “St. Jude” (patron saint of lost causes) is tattooed, and “St. Anthony” (patron saint of lost things) down the length of the other. “I have both my bases covered” he says without a trace of humor. He has what once might have been light blond hair, but it has sense turned to white. He has a scar running from his left ear down across the length of his throat, his nose has been broken, and there are countless scars across any visible part of his body, ruining what was once rugged good looks. He tends to wear a thin duster, ratty and torn around the edges, and usually naught else but a t-shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. He wields a pair of auto loaders and never seems to run out of ammunition. He is an unwavering, if unbelieving, champion of the cause he follows, though his cause to fight is never directly explained.

Dante on:
Changeling: “Don’t know, don’t care. Let the Acanthus deal with it.”

Geist: “A What?”

Hunter: “Those stupid fucks actually think there accomplishing something, waving their guns around, or swinging a crucifix at it, or whatever. They’re the most uneducated self appointed do-gooders I’ve ever seen, and trust me, that’s saying something.”

Mage: “Power without a purpose mostly. Most of us are unorganized, and the rest are looking for Mage Eden.”

Mortal: “Blissfully unaware that they live in a world full of monsters. Lucky bastards.”

Vampire: “Put enough bullets in them, they’ll still go down. Or just use fire, or daylight. ‘Undead to dead in three seconds flat.’”

Werewolf: “And I thought I was scary.”


Spellbreak Nazz